a church in the bush

A village church ⛪ | by Caitlyn R, Zambian missionary

Zambia is known as a Christian nation, but the reality is that there is no true knowledge of the Gospel, and that the “church” is divided.

When I first found out that Joel was going to Zambia, I started reading up on it and found it is declared a Christian nation. I innocently asked why he was not going as a missionary where there are lost people? Then I took a trip to Zambia 🙂

What I found was that there are mud village churches everywhere, and many people – even in the bush – identify as Christians, but are so far from Jesus (Zambia didn’t feel very far from America then ♥️)⁣.

And I was very surprised by what I found in the pastors. Many aren’t even saved and don’t know who Jesus is. Many think salvation is earned by becoming a member of a denomination and by works, they know nothing of grace through faith. Many have never read the Bible, or even held one, so what do you teach then? Well, tradition. We have walked into village churches just as the pastors were inviting the “angry spirits of the dead” into the building.

When one pastor told me he did weekly evangelism, I asked what he preached when he evangelized. He told me, “I go to every house and tell them if they don’t leave their denomination and come to my church they will go to hell.”

There was nothing about Jesus, only legalism and competition.

And while some preach religion and legalism, others preach witchcraft and encourage charms rather than speaking the truth that will set people free, because they are not free themselves. We have sadly found that many choose to be pastors to gain a title, position, or money.

Some pastors are drunk on Saturday and behind their pulpit on Sunday. Some teach that only the leadership of the church can know the Word of God and forbid the congregation to read the Bible for themselves. And some encourage childhood marriages so the congregation doesn’t lose money for their daughters bride price if they have sex before marriage.⁣

So tomorrow we are spending several days camping in the bush to hold a pastors conference – inviting all local Lozi pastors, their wives, elders and deacons to come and be ministered to. Believing for them to encounter Jesus in a life-changing, real way. And praying that they will be set free so that they can set others free. ⁣♥️

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